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About Integratos

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Integratos is an Australian based international consultancy, established in 2005 by Mikael Hatzis.

Integratos specialises in Integrated Business Planning (IBP) programmes and supply chain enhancements, that are specific to your organisation's needs and objectives.

With your teams' insights, we design processes that are specific to your organisation's style, using processes that are relevant, robust and fit for purpose, to deliver tangible performance and enhance the company's position in the market.

We believe business performance and competitive advantage are directly linked to how people engage.  Starting with the executive team and moving through the organisation, we share knowledge that enables people to participate with confidence.

Our Values

Our programmes should deliver real, demonstrable value to our clients

We invest in the success of our clients programmes

We create meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships

We believe In creating flourishing transformations to leave behind a positive legacy

Mikael Hatzis – Principal

Mikael Hatzis

Mikael is an honours graduate from the University of Sydney in the medical sciences.  After several years in post graduate research, he decided to broaden his horizons in business management.

His experience spans over 25 years with various management roles in marketing, sales, product development, strategic planning and supply chain.

Mikael has worked with many multi-national businesses, including Fortune 500 companies — Diageo, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Kellogg, Coke, Cadbury and Procter & Gamble amongst them.

Mikael is an accomplished educator and communicator.  His assignments have often been in complex and challenging environments, where he draws on his real world experience as well as principles of systemic thinking, to unlock value and potential in an organisation.

His experience and knowledge cover a broad range of industries, including medical, beverages, retail and FMCG.

Over the years Mikael has acquired a specialisation in managing company transformations, implementing Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and advanced supply chain disciplines.

Mikael's primary role is to act as an mentor and change agent, assisting teams to create a high performance organisation.  He has an engaging and challenging style, and enjoys working with people.

Mikael can be contacted directly at mikael.hatzis@integratos.com.au or +61 2 9907 7500.  Mikael is also on LinkedIn.


API has made a huge difference to the way we work.  Now I am looking forward to having the system supply the data, seamlessly, to help us make better decisions.

Greg Warren, General Manager, Minova Australia

The banks said there are only 10% of clients who come to us with a plan, and only 30% of that 10% actually deliver, and we're one of that 3%.

Craig Mills, Managing Director, PCA Australia

…integration only comes after a long slog of dedicated leadership…

Jayson Fox, Integration Director, Barbeques Galore Australia

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The Art of Sales & Operations Planning
The Art of Sales & Operations Planning

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