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Our programmes are designed to enhance integration, performance and the mission at hand.

Below are some examples of Integratos engagements and programmes.

Business Integration

Control your trajectory & performance

Business Integration/Integrated Business Planning (IBP) are the CPU equivalents in business.

IBP is the control centre which allows the management team to make effective decisions and direct the business towards its business plans on an active, real-time basis, and maintain a trajectory to strategy.  However, different companies have different needs.

It’s important to select the right model for a company’s state of development, market conditions and aspiration.  Having the capability to create what-if simulations provides a substantial preparedness and agility to respond to various market conditions and possibilities — and much faster than your competition.


Manage risks & amplify success

New product development is a vital element of any business.  Managed and focussed effectively it can contribute to product and services life cycle management, and contribute to a company’s growth objectives.

New products represent a significant opportunity for growth, but can also carry substantial risk.

The good news is that the business science around this discipline is comprehensive and robust.  There are also inalienable laws that govern best in class development.

We have developed our New Product & Renovation workshops to be specific to a company’s strategic footprint, to be efficient and effective, and simple to manage.

Marketing & Demand Management

Deliver the customer plans

Developing effective demand management and forecasting processes are arguably the most critical for understanding the future.

They are fundamental to expressing the customer plans within the IBP framework.  And importantly in synchronising and delivering on the marketing, sales and customer service plans.

Demand management determines the fidelity or quality of the demand signal, and therefore the potential noise and chaos that can injected into the business if not well managed.

This signal, in an integrated organisation, is used by all other departments to generate their forward IBP plans, trajectories and recovery plans.

The business science around demand generation and management processes continues to evolve.  Making this area of the business robust is critical to staging a strong competitive posture, and maintaining a vital IBP process.

Supply Chain Management

Creating agility & flexibility

At the core of delivering a robust market strategy is having an effective supply chain strategy and an integrated approach to be able to execute it.

This means having the capability of facilitating not only internal planning and re-planning, but also to synchronise with external business partners and stakeholders, across the extended supply chain.

The disciplines of data management, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) and systems integration are key to staging and managing an effective supply chain.

Active Planning & Integration

Making it happen

One of the key elements in creating a robust IBP process is to be able to effectively manage and optimise the tactical and execution horizon.

Many companies struggle with this.  The tactical horizon can often be noisy and inject chaos into the business.  This often distracts the management team, who are drawn into solving tactical issues, rather than focussing on operational and strategic management.

We specifically developed Active Planning & Integration (API) from the ground up to allow a quorum of people to effectively manage and execute the tactical horizon, which allows everyone else to get on with running the business.

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