Our Approach

Where Empathy meets performance

Our methodology, honed over more than 25 years, leverages a robust Change Management framework to optimise engagement, deliver tangible benefits and ensure long-term sustainability.

At the heart of our approach is the time-tested Integratos method known as The 4 D’s: Discover, Design, Deploy and Deliver.

Discover: We invest time to understand your company’s strategy and culture through dialogues and team-based surveys, ensuring a deep level of empathy and understanding.

Design: We engage your internal subject matter experts and support them with our coaching to design processes that are fit for purpose, competitive, and align with your people, processes and systems.

Deploy: We widen the scope of engagement by creating safe testing environments where teams can experiment and gain confidence with the new business process.

Deliver: We ensure a seamless go-live, with support frameworks in place to maintain engagement and momentum.  We track benefit delivery against goals and conduct post-project reviews to drive continuous improvement.

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